Born out of an unconditional love for the underground echelons of the electronic music scene, Love The Underground Records embodies an innate affection and passion, for not only the music, but also the environment and memoirs which are cultivated through the music.


It was such a philosophy, which inspired the naissance of Love The Underground Records in 2014.


As a newly established record label, and international event series, we strive to combine the foremost purveyors of house and techno, and align these with a new generation of exciting fresh talent.


Love The Underground Records’ concept is quite simple; we are focused on delivering dark, rhythmic and raw underground electronic music, within an unconventional environment, where quality exceeds expectation.

*Please note that Love The Underground Records operates a STRICT NO VOCALS POLICY. Please ensure that you DO NOT submit any demos which contradict our music policy, as they will not be considered.

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